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Vtiga supplies one of the best premium baryte ore and powder in Asia Pacific Region.

Vtiga has tied up with APMDC (Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation a Wholly owned undertaking of Government of Andhra Pradesh ) for sale of Ore.

The Baryte ore ranges from 4.10 SG to 4.3 SG, Contains High Specific Gravity ,More than 90% of Barium Sulphate and mainly used in oil well drilling.


Leadership with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals


Over 12 years of experience

Our Expert team critically analyses each mineral resource for its premium quality.


End to End Solution

We provide end to end solution for all mineral resources from guaranteeing the product with logistics for end delivery.


Safety and Good Compliance

We comply to all safety regulations set forth


Honest and Dependable

Vtiga With its pretigious alliance with APMDC and various partners we source the best mineral for client satisfaction.


Profitable Growth

We look into long term relationship with our clients and look for a profitable mutual alliance


Improving Always

Vtiga keeps on improving on its quality and introduces new range of minerals.

Our mission statements reflect our commitment to become a successful and responsible organization, which includes:
     To be a unique enterprise by creating new products.
     To be unsurpassed in terms of quality and price.
     To be valued and respected by our customers.
     To have an innovative approach so as to with stand and defer the competition.
     Supplier of all Stone Products .

In its endeavor to actualize the mission objectives, the company envisions to be a quality conscious organization, first and foremost, which has further open up avenues for betterment and growth.


Our strategic location enables us to allow better movement of raw material and finished goods and to serve a wide market. We assure our clients of scheduled-delivery of orders. We adopt innovative approach and techniques, flexible production and a reliable supply chain network to ensure prompt delivery of orders within the stipulated time frame and as demanded by our customers.


Premium Products




Mineral Grades


Exclusive Partnerships

What Makes Us Different

Innovative Engineering

unearthed this natural treasure in most eco-friendly way at it's own quarries in the state -of-the-art processing plants, supported with professional marketing network ensuring the conformances of schedules. At Vtiga with our partner mines the safety measure are given much importance. Our team members are provided the personal protective and safety equipments and we make the habit of their regular use.

Exceptional Service

We follow safe and innovative mining techniques that empower us to extract granites in complete big blocks. Our Mines are equipped with the hi-tech machinery ensures dimensional accuracy right from first stage onwards to final finishing. We have professionally trained manpower to work at Quarries to produce best quality Granites

Creative Solutions

Our products are competitive to be of international export standards. Our stones are used in construction purpose of residential & commercial buildings around the world. We are the pioneer manufacturer & exporters of the wide range of stones.

Impressive Results

We understand that our reputation is only as good as the reputation of the materials that go into our products. That's why our products are used in esteemed organisation. And if a unique application requires a specially formulated material, our technical staff will assist you in developing a compound to your exacting specifications.

Case Studies

Contiguous Inspection of Vtiga Garis Industry.

Primary Services

  • Safety and Health Inspection
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Reliability and Safety Assessment

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